Top 3 Casino Games with the Best Odds


The idea of playing casino games online is always exciting. For most people, it is the thrill of trying out exciting games that keeps them coming back. For some, however, the intention is to capitalize on the best odds and improve their chances of winning real money. The latter group of players is constantly looking for casino games that offer the best odds and will go to lengths to research them. This post offers an in-depth look at some of the most popular games on online gambling platforms that offer players the best chance to win awesome cash rewards.

Before diving in, it is important to understand that different game variants will offer different odds. Some of these will favor the operator to an extreme bias, while some will favor the player. The bottom-line, however, is that all online gaming platforms and brick-and-mortar casinos always win in the end. In between this journey, players can still take advantage and capitalize on the odds available. Here are some games that offer the best odds in the world of casino gaming.

1. Blackjack (House edge of 0.25-2%)

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games available on online gaming platforms and the one with the most favorable odds. It is also one of the easiest games to play since the target is to beat the dealer's hand with a card value of 21 or closest to it. In Blackjack, the house edge will be a minimal 0.25% up to the highs of 2%. In essence, what this means is that for every $100 that a player stakes on a game of Blackjack, the most they can expect to lose (on paper) is $2. Of course, this is not entirely true and will depend on the player's strategy and the hand dealt.

However, with this low house edge, Blackjack offers the best odds among casino games. For players looking to capitalize on the time they have available for gaming to win real cash, this is the game to choose. With proper practice and strategy in place, one stands a chance to give any online casino a run for their money.

2. Baccarat (House edge of 1.06% [banker] and 1.24% [player])

Baccarat is another interesting card game available on most online gaming platforms on the internet today. In this game, both the player and the banker try to win the game by predicting their card values. The aim is to have a card value of 9 or lower but higher than the banker's (dealer). It is a simple game that players can learn within a short time.

Aside from being an exciting and easy game to learn, Baccarat is also one of the games with the most favorable odds in the world of gaming. On most online casino platforms, players will bet against a house edge of 1.06% if they bet on the banker and 1.24% if they bet on their cards. For players who love gaming in online casinos, Baccarat is one of the most rewarding games they can play. The best thing is that one can bet on both the player and the banker.

3. Craps (House edge of 1.41% [pass line], 0% [odd bets] and 1.36% [no pass line])


Craps happens to be one of the games that gets negative vibes from most online gamers. There are two main reasons why this happens. Number one is that most movies concerning casinos usually feature a scene where someone blows their money on a craps table. That alone is the main catalyst as to why so many people prefer to overlook this game when they log on to their favorite casinos. Number two is the sheer amount of numbers one must look at on the craps table as they play. Whether in the best online casino sites or in a brick-and-mortar casino, this can be intimidating and make the game look complicated.

Craps, however, is an easy game to learn for players who take the time to do so. In this game, it all depends on the result of a dice roll. The aim is for a natural, where the roll results are a 7 or 11, which guarantees wins.

Aside from the complexities and the bias surrounding the game, craps happens to have some of the best odds in online casino gaming. This lucrative game allows players to compete against a house margin of 1.41% if there is a pass line, 0% when it's an odd bet, and 1.36% if there is no pass line. These margins make this the third-best game to stake on online casino games.


Online casino gaming boils down to two things; strategy and margins. Strategy determines how players play the game in question and how they manage their account balance while at it. On the other hand, margins refer to factors that affect a player's chance of winning and by how much, the most critical being the house edge. Casino games with the most favorable house edge are also the ones with the best odds for seasoned players to try their luck at winning real money.