Top Casino Skill Games to Increase Your Winnings

There are casino games that depend heavily on luck for wins and those that take skill to win. While both types of games have a fair share of the market, savvy players prefer skill games. Some of the best-skilled gamers have gone on to make huge fortunes in winnings. Online wagering gives players across the world the chance to compete at the best casinos with top-notch games and attractive rewards. In this piece, we look at casino skill games where perfect strategy can translate into big wins.


Blackjack is one of the all-time favourites for gamblers on brick-and-mortar casinos as well as online sites. This is one of the casino skill games where players can make a lot of money in winnings or lose their bankroll. Experts agree that you need a good grasp of the basic rules before you can apply any kind of strategy. Card counting is one of the most hallowed skills for any card game but a preserve of only the best players. Most players rely on a strategy card that directs players on the right move for every scenario. A strategy card is one of the best guarantees that you are successful when playing blackjack.



Poker is about coming up with new ways to deceive your opponent. A well-timed and executed bluff works like a charm on the casino floors. One of the craftiest bluffs would be to raise your stake on a weak hand. You intimidate your opponent by raising your stake, which might lead them to fold even with a superior hand. You also have strategies that reel your opponent in by making them increase their stake when they should be folding like slow playing. Aside from the spectacular bluffs that make the game even more interesting, you have a poker theorem that outlines the perfect strategy. From loose to tight play, to aggressive and passive play, you have several strategies to switch between as you play a game of poker.

It is also important to note that some video poker machines have RTP at 100%. We advise that you play those machines over ones with lower returns. Although players might need some practice to lock in the right strategy, they are sure to enjoy high winnings in the future.


Although it is a card game like blackjack, card counters find it harder to apply the strategy in baccarat. In place of this, aficionados have come up with flat betting and negative/positive progressions as betting guides. While negative and positive progressions that involve increasing or reducing your bet after every hand have been discouraged, they still give players the chance to reap some profits. On the other hand, flat betting keeps your wager constant through wins and loses, which also holds the promise of a profit in the end. The real strategy in baccarat is raising your chances above 50% when predicting the winning hand between the dealer and player.

Texas Hold 'Em

This is by far the most obvious entry on this list. Players who know their way around the game can run rings around lesser-skilled players game after game. The skill aspect applied in this game changes everything, even lowering the house edge for the exceptional players. What makes the game even more interesting is that you don't have to be the best player to win some money. Players taking part in real-money versions of the game only need to know when to fold when the round is not going your way.

Skilled Games in the Online Casino


In a casino, skill games represent a section that operators could do without. That's because casino skill games increase your chances of taking money out of the casino when you should be bringing it in. By moving to the online sphere, casinos opened themselves up to more innovation in terms of game development. Now players have new variations of casino skill games with more entertainment and new playing styles.

If online casino guides are anything to go by, millennials are giving up the brick-and-mortar casino for virtual casinos. After all, players can find all they need here, from simulations with wild and imaginative themes to live-dealer games with an authentic experience. Casino skill games are bound to grow in popularity in the coming years as game development studios create new titles.


Unlike slots, which make up the bulk of games in the best online casinos, casino skill games are not for any player out there. You need a strategy that works to win enough rounds to keep you in the game. Get good at the game, and you might just find yourself reaping the rewards.